Q&A Series: Abbey Lee Stockwell

Abbey is one of our absolute favourite girls to follow on instagram, she has a well-rounded, balanced approach to wellness, then throw in her fine sense of style, aesthetically dreamy grid content and a gorgeous, kind and bubbly personality to match. We recently did a Q&A with her to find out more about her wellness philosophies and practices.


Spell out your morning routine for us!

My morning routine is waking up early to see the sunrise! I walk down to the beach & along the esplanade to get coffee. I will then do a workout of some sort whether it be Pilates or Keep it Cleaner workout... then I make myself brekky and relax for a little bit. I like to sit with my thoughts whilst eating Brekky, write down what I would like to get done for the day and then I will get moving!


For me, wellness means…

Feeling my absolute best mentally and physically. Wellness means treating my body with respect and being kind to myself.


What do you do each day to feel connected to yourself?

Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself each day is kind of a form of meditation for me. I am choosing so carefully what I put into my body & I feel connected to myself by doing this. I know its going to make me feel great.


What’s your typical day on a plate?

A typical day on the plate for me is either chocolate oats or a green smoothie bowl in the morning. I have recently started adding the “Chaga” and “I am gaia” from inner earth into both of these meals & am loving it. Lunch usually looks like a roasted veggie salad with tempeh and tahini dressing or a falafel wrap. I like to have an afternoon snack which will usually be a protein ball or my smoothie if I didn’t have it in the morning. Dinner ranges from all sorts of Plant based dishes. My favourite dinners are jackfruit tacos, vegan green curry or chickpea pasta.


What food can’t you live without?



How do you find balance in your life?

Finding Balance in my life has really taken me years to figure out. I used to restrict myself so much from all sorts of foods which would totally restrict my social life and friendships as well. I could see myself slowly being so unhappy and sad. It took years to recognise this and incorporate a healthy balanced lifestyle. I think I find balance now through what will make me happy. If I know I had a really great week of eating and exercising I will feel so happy going out and treating myself or having a glass of wine / cocktails. If I don’t have that balance I can see my mental health diminishes.


What’s your ultimate priority?

My health & treating my body right. Exercising & eating well are my main priorities because i know it benefits my mind.


What makes you feel the happiest?

Going for a morning sunrise walk, just being super grateful I have that opportunity.


What does your exercise routine across a week look like?

It varies but I do Pilates around 4 times a week! I do this with an amazing instructor at Peaches Pilates called Kat. She is awesome and really helped me find a healthy balance with exercise. If a class is low intensity I’ll usually go home & do a 20 minute Keep it Cleaner Workout as well!


What’s your skincare/beauty routine?

I try not to over complicate my beauty routine. In the morning I will cleanse my face with O cosmetics cleanser. I will then wipe that off my face with a “face halo” (those things are magic) After that I’ll usually put almond oil on my face followed by Clinique moisture surge. Then I put 50spf tinted moisturiser on my face for the day!


What are some of your most powerful habits that help propel you to achieve your goals and lead a productive yet steady life?

Journaling! This hands down has helped me everyday achieve what I would like to get done. I write down my thoughts at night, what I’m grateful for and what I intent to do the following day! I usually always do it if I write it down!


What’s your favourite food indulgence?

Authentic Italian pizza!


Your favourite body-positive message?

Your body will always change and grow. It will fluctuate between sizes and shapes... that is so incredible. Your body is unique and no one else can have one like yours, so love it and treat it with kindness.

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