Some Of Our Favourite Things

However it is you made it to this article, read it, stop what you're doing, and smell the roses. Here's some of our favourite simple things in life. Gratitude is good for your health, and enjoying life only upon reflection (nostalgia) isn't really enjoying life. Look for your golden moments as they're happening.


  • Waking up on a Sunday morning knowing you have no obligations


  • Listening to an incredible song for the first time and feeling like it opens something inside of you


  • Leaving a fantastic movie feeling alive, inspired and very 'main-character-esque'


  • Being alone in nature, whether that's the beach, a forest, a quiet park, and feeling small and insignificant in the best kind of way


  • A good shower at the end of a long day that leaves you feeling the freshest kind of clean and pure 


  • Fufillment/relief. Whether that's achieving something, eating a good meal after being starving, drinking a big glass of cold water after being parched and wondering why you never notice how good water tastes, showering after you’ve been feeling grotty, finally quitting a job you hate or the end of exams


  • Laughing so hard your face hurts


  • Lying on the grass listening to sad music after a hard day/week and letting yourself cry


  • Staying up late with your best friends watching movies like little kids on a Saturday night


  • Feeling exhausted, crawling into fresh clean sheets and falling asleep so quickly you don’t have time to think about anything


  • The good kind of nervous butterflies


  • Looking at someone and remembering just how much you love them


  • Being outside somewhere at 3am (not completely wasted) and feeling like you’re the only person left on the planet


  • The high you get after an intense workout


  • Quiet moments of peace, wherever you find them


Now go write your own.

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