Tips on Becoming a Morning Person

Most of you have probably heard of the term ‘body clock’ or ‘circadian rhythm’. It’s not a term to coin how each of us individually wake and sleep, it refers to the innate, intrinsic wake-sleep rhythm that we are born with.


Studies have found that early morning people actually get the worm. The Guardian conducted a survey that found most CEOs of successful companies are awake by 5am. Some of you are probably reading this and thinking “ouch”. If you’re used to getting up at 8, 9am or even later, this might seem like something completely out of reach for you. 


If you’re used to getting up at 8am, 9am or even later, this might seem like something completely out of reach for you. It’s not. In fact, it’s literally built into you. But our bodies also need a certain amount of sleep to function, so if you’re going to bed at 1am, you’re going to sleep well past sunrise. However doing this, sleeping outside of your natural circadian rhythm, has actually been linked to diseases and weight problems such as obesity and diabetes, and has been found to play a role in mental illness.


I used to sleep late and wake late, and I didn’t think that it was a problem until I decided I wanted to be a ‘morning person’ and so I worked hard on doing so. Once I adapted to my new routine, I realised just how much my old patterns were negatively affecting me. Waking at 6am each day regardless of if I was going to workout or just sit in bed with a coffee and read, helped me stay alert throughout the rest of the day, I was making healthier food choices, I felt less anxious, I lost weight, and best of all, I slept like a baby each night.


So I’ve listed below everything I did, and many others have done, to become a morning person.


  1. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day, even on weekends (this becomes much easier through time). I’ve set my lights off at 9:45pm and my alarm for 5:30am. But when I first started, I set my alarm earlier and earlier each day, starting with 8:30am, to 8am, to 7:30am, etc.
  2. You’ve heard it before but I’m going to tell you again, switch off at least one hour before sleep. The light from our screens has been found to negatively impact our sleep, and what we consume on technology keeps our brains ticking at a pace that’s very difficult to slow down
  3. When you lie in bed, take 5 long, deep breaths when you first shut your eyes and while you do this, force any thoughts out of your head (trust me on this one)
  4. When you first wake up, have a big glass of water, water is magic juice first thing in the morning. It re-hydrates you (this is important because, while you may not be fully thirsty, think about how you feel if you forget to drink water for the entire day… your body needs it) and helps release pent up toxins from your body.
  5. Have a shower and dress for the day as soon as you get up, nothing says ready to start the day like feeling clean and fresh and well put together. Take pride in your appearance!
  6. Even though you get up and get ready to go-go-go, don’t go-go-go just yet. Start your day by being kind to yourself and do something that makes you feel connected to you, whether that be working out, reading a book, watching Tik Tok’s, meditating, do a 17-step skincare and/or makeup routine. Whatever it is. Just set a timer on it and once that timer goes off, it’s go time.
  7. Accept that when you start working on becoming a morning person it’s not going to feel amazing, breaking any habits have an adjustment period and you’re to have to keep pushing and keep doing and know that the end result is going to be worth it. So worth it.


This is why we think that incorporating supplements into your routine/daily habits is important. Change is all about building up good habits until they become the norm for you. The habits you choose help you maintain your focus on the goal that brought about this want for change to begin with, by creating a new health-focused habit for yourself, 'health' eventually becomes not something you desire but something you're on the path to. The benefits of becoming a morning person go beyond just seeing the sunrise. So go watch the sunrise and see what happens.

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