• Liver Drops

Liver Drops

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The Purifier

A bitter supporter of detoxification pathways and enhancer of digestive prowess. 

Yellow Gentian, Dandelion Root, Globe Artichoke, Burdock
Dandelion Root

High bitter content aids digestive complaints and constipation. Dandelion additionally stimulates liver and gallbladder function, promoting optimum detoxification.

Globe Artichoke

A revered detoxification tonic, globe artichoke stimulates bile flow; assisting fat digestion, lowering cholesterol and enhancing the removal of toxins.


A ‘blood purifier’ which supports lymphatic drainage; clearing skin conditions and irritations. Enhances liver’s detoxification capacity. Acts as a diuretic.

20 drops (1 dropper full) up to four times daily, before meals and alcohol. Drop your tincture under the tongue, in water, tea or your favourite elixir recipe..