• Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator

Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator

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Maintain & Support Skin Regeneration | Protect & Brighten Skibn | Enhance Skin Health | Enhance Collagen Formation & Skin Integrity


This product contains a concentrated antioxidant from Fucus vesiculosus, with vitamin C, Zinc and Iodine, silicon and selenium, creating a unique blend to specifically enhance the health of skin. The key ingredient in Forty Fathoms Skin Regenerator is fucoidan, a potent antioxidant extracted from Fucus vesciulosus seaweed that is harvested in the world’s purest and most pristine ocean waters.  


Repair & Protect

The unique seaweed in Forty FathomsTM performs two actions; repair and protect. Laboratory studies indicate that the extract from Fucus vesiculosus seaweed is able to increase the production of necessary proteins that activate anti-ageing mechanisms, promoting healthy and youthful skin. This ingredient is also able to inhibit enzymes that break down the skin, preventing it from structurally degrading, therefore visibly reducing wrinkles and improving the appearance of skin.


Enhance Collagen

Formation This unique blend of ingredients help assist and enhance collagen formation and hence improve the structural integrity of the skin. Specifically, Vitamin C and Silicon are core ingredients for the production of collagen in the skin, forming connective tissue, assisting in wound healing and tissue regeneration.


Support Immunity

Zinc is an important nutrient that has many metabolic functions in the body and is one of the essential minerals for the expression of DNA, RNA and protein synthesis. Supplementation of zinc helps promote healthy immune function, while a deficiency in zinc can reduce the body’s immune responsiveness.


Supports Healthy Thyroid Function

Iodine is a common mineral found in brown seaweed. Iodine is a key component in the function of thyroid glands and in the production of thyroid hormones. Thyroxine a thyroid hormone produced in the thyroid using iodine, is required for normal growth and metabolism, helping the body maintain general health and wellbeing.

The Ingredients AFucus vesiculosus (Maritech® Synergy) extract equiv. to dry 1g (1000mg) equiv. to Fucoidan 45mg Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 100mg Silicon dioxide 55.4mg equiv. to Silicon 25mg Zinc citrate dihydrate 15.6mg equiv. to Zinc 5mg Sodium selenite 109.5mcg equiv. to Selenium 50 mcg Potassium iodide 65.4mcg equiv. to Iodine 50mcg No added lactose, gluten, yeast, egg or artificial flavours. Contains soy oil. The Science Coming Soon Instructions Adult dosage – Take 1 capsule daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Always read the label.