• Unichi Rose Collagen Gummy

Unichi Rose Collagen Gummy

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Unichi Rose Collagen Gummy is a convenient and delicious collagen boost, containing natural rose petals and marine collagen.


Active Ingredients:


Marine Collagen: Compared with other sources of collagen, Marine Collagen has smaller molecules and is closer to the skin structure. The absorption rate is as high as 98%, and contains a unique combination of the amino acids hydroxypoline, glycine and proline. These unique ingredients are hard to find in other protein sources and contribute to9 the health of skin, joints and bones.


Rosehip: The 'king' of natural vitamin C - one gram of rosehip is equivalent to one kg of apples. Rosehip also contains a variety of minerrals, amino acids and flavonoids and other antioxidant ingredients which can effectively resist free radicals, repair the skin and restore radiance.


Acerola Cherry: Acerola cherry is not only one of the richest sources of vitamin C but also provides vitamins A, E, P, B group vitamins, protein and multiple minerals trace elements necessary for the body. It can help inhibit 90% of free radicals.



Small molecular marine collagen can effectively increase skin moisture, reduce fine lines, slow down skin aging and make hair and nails healthier and stronger. Collagen plays a vital role in almost all organs and tissues of the human body, supporting the renewal of human hair, skin, nails, bones and soft tissues. 


In a clincal study of 69 women between 35 and 55 years of age, skin elasticity could be increased by 15% after taking marine collagen daily for four consecutive weeks compared to a placebo.

The Ingredients Maltitol Syrup, Collagen (17%) [Fish], Maltitol, Gelatin, Erythritol, Citric Acid, Rose Powder (0.8%) [Rose rugosa cv. Plena], Natural Flavouring [Rose Hip Flavouring, Elder Flower Extract], Acerola Cherry Powder, DL-sodium Malate, Agar, Compound Coating Agent [Octyl and Decyl Glycerate, Carnauba Wax], Steviol Glycosides. The Science Coming Soon Instructions 2 gummies per day