• Miracle Collagen Bag

Miracle Collagen Bag

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From our early 20’s, our collagen production declines which is why we lose skin-bounce and luminosity.

Supplementing with IMBIBE's clinically-evaluated Miracle Collagen is shown to counter these early signs of aging to restore the look of juicy, hydrated skin.

Their Next - Generation collagen peptides is clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen so you have the bounciest, smoothest, most radiant-looking skin.

100% bio-active. 100% bio-available. 100% potent.

100% Bioactive hydrolysed bovine collagen types 1 and 3 specific for skin. 0% fat, 0% sugar, 95% protein, 18 amino acids

The results of the experiment suggest that collagen hydrolysate (CH) may reduce aging-related changes of the extracellular matrix (the non-cellular component present within all tissues and organs) by stimulating muscle building processes in skin tissue. 

This study, a randomized, placebo-controlled, blind study performed on 72 healthy women aged 35 years or older found an ingestible collagen supplement significantly improved skin hydration, elasticity, roughness, and density. The differences to the placebo group were statistically significant for all test parameters. These positive effects were substantially retained during the follow-up.

The study demonstrated that collagen peptides are potential therapeutic agents as nutritional supplements for the management of osteoarthritis and maintenance of joint health.

Add 2.5g (approx 2 teaspoons) to any hot or cold drink and drink daily. Can be added to hot drinks and will not lose potency. Fully dissolvable in hot or cold liquids and tasteless and odourless. Store under 30° C in a dry area.