• Nature's Silver Bullet Immunity Booster

Nature's Silver Bullet Immunity Booster

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Nature's Silver Bullet is a chemical-free, natural immunity booster that combines two of nature's most powerful, anti-bacterial and protector-inhibitor agents - Colloidal Silver and Fulvic Acid.

It can be safely ingested responsibly, or applied topically. It works by cleaning up bad bacteria that causes viral and fungal infections. 

Fulvic Acid, Colloidal Silver & Distilled Water

This review show that there is substantial evidence to pursue FvA (fulvic acid) research in preventing chronic inflammatory diseases, including diabetes.

This article indicates Fulvic Acid has been found to have antibacterial properties and may be useful in prevention of oral infections, including periodontitis. It could also down-regulate inflammation.   

Immunity Aid - Apply half a dropper to the back of the throat, swish around for 5 seconds, then swallow. During times of infection or viral overwhelm, repeat 5-10 times a day until infection subsides.

Ears & Eyes - 1 or 2 drops twice a day until clear. For contacts, 2 drops in each storage unit. 

Oral Hygiene/Candida - Place a few drops on to tongue through out the day (along with Coconut Oil Pulling and Tongue Scraping) until symptoms disappear. 

Feet & Genital Areas - For fungal or viral infections, apply drops using your finger. For vaginal cleansing and healing, add 1/4 teaspoon to warm, salted water and use as a douching solution.