• Pocket Weekly Planner

Pocket Weekly Planner

  • $2.00

A mini weekly planner for habits & mindfulness to stay tuned into yourself and your goals. All funds spent on this product will be donated to the Healing Foundation.

The Healing Foundation is a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation that partners with communities to address the ongoing trauma caused by actions like the forced removal of children from their families. Their work helps people create a different future by:

  • generating new research and resources to establish an evidence base for healing and best-practice strategies and build support for more effective policy and frameworks
  • building leadership and capacity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, and •
  • trengthening the healing workforce by providing training materials and support
  • conducting strategic communication with stakeholders about the impact of trauma and Intergenerational Trauma on Stolen Generations survivors and their descendants, and the importance of healing in addressing a wide range of health and social issues.