• Zilch Acne Formula

Zilch Acne Formula

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Skin Detox

Zilch Acne Formula by Dr. Vivian Tam is a 100% natural, Chinese Medicine herbal supplement designed for acne. Its powerful blend works on healing the skin from the inside out to provide a real,long term solution to problematic skin.

Zilch Acne Formula is made up purely of 17 potent Chinese Medicine herbal ingredients and no added nasties. The formula works to reduce inflammation, clear heat and toxicity in the skin and body and promote blood circulation for healing. It’s been tried and tested with an over 90% success rate* (*A reduction of 80% within 4 weeks from 250 clinic patient reports.)


Reduce Inflammation and Heat

Zilch calms the heat and inflammation that causes swelling, redness and itching. Heat in the body venting through the skin as pimples is similar to how earth’s core heat would cause volcano eruptions.

Remove Toxins

Zilch supports the body to eliminate toxin build up that can cause breakouts

Boost Blood Circulation

Poor circulation can lead to blockages, stagnation and swelling, resulting in deeper and sore nodules. Ingredients in Zilch encourage blood circulation to stop this stagnation from happening.

Promote Healing

Ingredients in Zilch help support healthy tissue repair and promote healing.


  • All natural – 100% Chinese herbal medicine active ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals, drugs or preservatives
  • Developed by Dr. Vivian Tam, industry leading and registered
  • Doctor of Chinese Medicine Safe and effective long term results
  • No gluten Cruelty free, and vegan.
  • One bottle contains 30 – 60 day dose (240 x 750mg tablets)
Zilch is made up only of 17 herbal ingredients, and potato starch in the granulation process. No added preservatives, chemicals or nasties!


Prunus persica, Carthamustinctorius, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Hedyotisdiffusa, Angelica dahurica, Gleditsiasinensis, Viola yedoensis, Taraxacum mongolicum, Lonicera japonica, Phellodendronamurense, Paeoniasuffruticosa, Gardenia florida, Gentianascabra, Scutellariabaicalensis, Zingiberofficinale, Angelica polymorpha, Glycyrrhizauralensis, Starch-Potato.

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Take recommended dose away from food – allow at least 20 minutes on either side of a meal before taking Zilch. If you are sensitive, try taking Zilch 20 minutes after a meal.

MILD: 2 tablets, twice a day

MODERATE: 3 tablets, twice a day

WORSE: 4 tablets, twice a day